Shipped to China in container from China; The cat completed three months of quarantine


Chennai: .

 The cat completed three months of quarantine. The quarantine was completed by a cat who arrived at the port of Chennai in the container of a ship from China during the Kovid expansion. The cat was found inside a toy-filled container that reached Chennai on February 17.

Attempts were made to return the cat to China, but activists from the animal-rights group Peta (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) came out against it. They wanted the cat to be shipped to China for meat and fur. The cats were later handed over to the Catty Trusts Trust, which works for the protection of cats. The Tamil Nadu Animal Husbandry Department also looked after the cat.

In the meantime, on April 19, the Central Government has directed the Animal Quarantine and Certification Service in Chennai to hand over the cat (AQCS). The proposal was to give the quarantine for 30 days. Meanwhile, animal lovers came out with the support of Maneka Gandhi demanding the release of the cat.

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Peta India Veterinary Services Manager Reshmi Gokhale said the cat is ready to be adopted until someone adopts it. Outlook reports, citing news agency IANS, that they have written to customs to show that the virus does not spread from cats to humans.

At the same time, Pete had previously questioned whether the cat had come from China. Peta also said that when the container was opened for shipment from China, the cat could be loaded. “It is unbelievable that a cat can survive for 20 days without food and water,” she said.

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