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She is not such a child, she will not commit suicide like a coward, she will be taken away … These are the words of Harish, 21, the mother of a young woman. Her mother told Manorama Online that Anjana was taken and killed by her friends. Four friends say they are behind it. Anjana was found dead in Goa this month. He was in Goa with his friends. Goa police informed relatives that they were found hanging in a tree near the resort.

She became acquainted with them when she was attending an event while attending Bannon College, Kannur for the second year. Anjana has stayed with them for some time. Moll, who had been home permanently, was suspicious when he had been absent for two months. She was then taken home and forcibly taken to the hospital. He was first treated in a hospital in Palakkad. An examination there revealed the presence of alcohol and drugs in the blood. The treatment was not effective and he was shifted to a deduction center in Thiruvananthapuram. She was under treatment there for two months. She was treated for a loan due to lack of funds.

After her treatment, she returned home with a good recovery. A few days later, two friends called Anjana to tell her that there was something wrong with the college. She had begun to learn better from her illness. When she insisted on coming to college for a long time, she went back to college.

However, her mother says that the phone call was received only from Anjana. Anjana said, “I am in Kozhikode. I am not coming back anymore”. After receiving information, Mini Hosdurg filed a police complaint stating that her daughter was missing. He was asked to appear before the police magistrate. Anjana says that she does not want to go home and wants to go with her friends. When asked if Anjana’s physical condition would protect her, the girl says she was reluctant at first but later agreed. She was brainwashed and taken away. The mother says I don’t know what did her.

She was taken to Goa by the court. Two days later, she called me to tell me how to save myself. She said, ‘Anyone here is not right. But due to lockdown, she was unable to return.

She was a well-educated child. Since her father died, I have been raising her with much suffering. Even after ten years of hard work and upbringing, the entire family has lost hope. In Class X, he won A + in all subjects. Plus two science had 93% marks. He was brilliant in college too. She wanted to study and take IAS. She did not have any problems until the second year of her degree.

Relatives have accused the mystery of Anjana’s death. Her mother Mini also lodged a complaint with the Kanhangad DySP demanding an investigation into the incident.

She called the day before she died. Mom, come to Kanhangad with the cart. I’m coming to you. You have to meet your mother and sister, and live with them. She was very happy. She will never commit suicide …. says Mini – with tears in her eyes.

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