Severe: 1.06 lakh people affected by Covidi worldwide, 4,853 dead in 24 hours | Covid 19 Worldwide updates | One lakh new cases in 24 hours | Brazil | America


Johannesburg / Washington: Covid-19 patients worldwide reach 51.89 lakh. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.06 lakh people were infected within 24 hours. It is the single most serious disease in a day. The WHO says the virus is likely to poison the poorest countries. Scared.

Thursday, however, is the worst in the United States. There were 28,044 new cases in the US in one day. There were 16,730 new cases in Brazil and 8,849 in Russia.

In the last 24 hours, 1,378 people have died in the United States. 1153 Brazilians also died. 4,853 people died worldwide in a single day. 3.34 lakh people have been affected by Covid’s death so far.

While the situation in Europe has eased, the virus is now catching up in South America and Africa. In the United States, there is no decrease in disease. Brazil has the highest incidence and morbidity in South America. Brazil overtook Spain to become the third most affected country in the world with over 20,000 deaths. Brazil did not comply with strict restrictions when other countries in South America devised measures from the start. There was no agreement between President Jair Bolsonaro and the ministers.

Two health ministers have already been released in Brazil following the decision to ease the lockdown restrictions. Peru, Mexico, and Chile are the worst countries in South America after Brazil.

Russia accounts for 3,099 deaths in the world, second only to Covid’s cases (3.18 lakh).

In Peru, 3,148 people died of the disease. Covid cases have reached one lakh in 12 countries, including India. In the US, there are 16.20 lakh cases. More than three lakh confirmed cases in Russia and Brazil.

Out of 45,635 cases of acute myocardial infarction in the world. At the same time, 20.79 lakh people have already been cured.

Countries, cases, and deaths in order

US 16.20 lakhs 96,314

Russia 3.18 lakh 3099

Brazil 3.10 lakh 20,047

Spain 2.80 lakh 27,940

UK 2.50 lakh 36,042

Italy 2.28 lakh 32,486

France 1.81 lakh 28,215

Germany 1.79 Lakh 8,309

Turkey 1.54 Lakh 4,249

Iran 1.29 lakh 7,249

India 1.18 lakh 3,584

Peru 1.09 lakh 3,148

China 82,967 4,634

content highlights: Covid 19 Worldwide updates, one lakh new cases in 24 hours

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