Seven members of Indian team caught with fever that day: ‘Ishant Sharma’ Ishant Sharma


MUMBAI: Indian pace bowler Ishant Sharma has shared a lot of fun with his ODI debut. He made his one-day international debut in 2007 against Ireland in South Africa. Ishant shares how he played in the harsh weather of the day, borrowed a shoe from Zaheer Khan and heard bad news from skipper Rahul Dravid. Ishant shared his memories in a live chat with Indian star Mayank Agarwal.

“I was picked for the 2007 Test series against England. But soon I was told to come to Ireland. It was cold in Ireland, where everyone was ice. Seven players, including MS Dhoni, Dinesh Karthik, Robin Uthappa and RP Singh, were unable to cope with the cold.

Upon arriving in Ireland, I called the manager for my luggage. The manager replied that it was in the room. All Ranji Trophy players had to carry luggage. Upon arriving at the room, I thought, ‘This is too cheap!’ But the luggage did not reach the room. Due to no shoes, he could not get down to practice before the competition. Dravid came to see me as I was walking away from training. ‘Why don’t you bowl?’ It was Dravid’s motto.

So I told Dravid. Dravid was shocked. Dravid asked me how you would play tomorrow. I was scared. Finally I borrowed a pair of shoes from Zaheer Khan. Ishant remembers the events of years ago.

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