Set the date for the return of the Spanish Premier League


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced today, Saturday, the return of the Spanish Premier League to the current season 2019-2020.

After stopping for more than two months due to the quarantine measures applied in the country, the country’s Prime Minister announced the launch date of the “La Liga” competition on June 8.

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According to the newspaper “dailystar”, the teams began to return to the training tracks during the past week individually after examining the players to make sure they did not catch the emerging coronavirus.

The Prime Minister indicated that on June 8, games could be officially resumed, but he left the decision in the hands of the Federation and the Spanish League to decide the deadline.

The newspaper noted that the date of 12 or 19 June, which falls on Friday, is likely to be the start of “La Liga”.

The Prime Minister also noted that non-resident tourists will be able to visit Spain from next July.

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