Serbia has launched a test for the new coronavirus


Nis. The first test for the new coronavius ​​has been developed in Nis, and its mass production should start within the day when permission is expected from the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, he told the state news agency of our western neighbor. Tanjug the director and owner of NeoMedica Sasa Trichkovic.

“The first test in Serbia has been completed. The development is a fact, we are ready, “Trichkovic said, adding that mass production will begin immediately after approval by the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices. Currently, the production capacity is 1,500 tests per day in one shift, and if necessary, an additional shift will be introduced in the company, added the director of NeoMedica.

“Naisa” is composed of equipment and tests and is named after the ancient city of Naisus, today’s Nis.

The development of the equipment, which covers a wide range of infectious and other diseases, began four years ago, and the idea for its use for COVID-19 came with the appearance of the first cases of coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, from which the epidemic spread worldwide. .

Translation and editing: Ivan Hristov

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