Serbia has allowed everyone to enter the country freely


The government has decided not to test for coronavirus when entering the country, and no special permit will be needed

At today’s session of the Serbian government, the proposal of the crisis headquarters for opening the border checkpoints and free entry of all persons in Serbia was accepted, without the necessary coronavirus test and permission of the commissions in the Serbian embassies, BGNES reported.

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According to MIA, testing on personal request will cost 6,000 dinars (51 euros) throughout Serbia, and for students and minors it will be free, the government said.

At the second meeting of the Serbian government, the Crisis Staff analyzed the current epidemiological situation and the adaptation of measures to it, after which the government was recommended to start entering the Republic of Serbia on Friday, May 22, without the need for a negative test or special permission for local and local authorities. foreign nationals.

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All persons entering the territory of the Republic of Serbia will be issued health warnings stating that they are entering a territory where the virus is still circulating and measures to prevent infection are still in force.

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