Sensational news for state gas stations, according to the law …


The state-owned State Oil Company will not be a commercial company and will not form or distribute profits.

These are changes in the Law on State Reserves and Wartime Stocks, which were introduced by the Council of Ministers in the Parliament.In addition, with a decision of the Council of Ministers, this enterprise will be able to be provided with state-owned property.

The state oil company will be able to establish commercial companies that will carry out commercial activities related to the management and construction of storage facilities for storage of petroleum products (oil bases) and gas stations, as well as commercial activities with alternative fuels.

Upon the establishment of these companies, the State Oil Company may form their capital with the right of ownership over the property provided by a decision of the Cabinet.

Funds from the state budget will also be provided to the State Oil Company.

All licensed fuel depots, subject to availability, will not have the right to refuse to store fuel from other traders.

In case of the first violation of this requirement, fines from BGN 500 to BGN 2,000 will be imposed, and in case of repeated violation – between BGN 1,000 and BGN 5,000.

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