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DeIndra is the god of the gods. The Almighty. But that’s not the case with the actor who played Devendran on the screen. BR was a huge hit in the second coming of the Lockdown. When Chopra’s Mahabharata series was shattered, Satish Kaul, an actor who played the role of Indra, was in a state of agony for food and medicine. The news agency PTI reported the incident.

Seventy-three-year-old Satish Kaul, who was once an active presence in Punjabi film and television, was living in an old age home in Ludhiana recently. Recently, with the help of a woman named Satyadevi, she moved into a small house.

Satheesh, who is struggling financially by default, told PTI that she was struggling to get medicine and other food items due to the lockdown. I have appealed to the film industry for help. As an actor, I got a lot of love. I urge my old colleagues to give me this love even now.

Satheesh, popularly known as Amitabh Bachchan in the Punjabi film, moved to Mumbai from Punjab in 2011 while completing her acting career. An acting school was started. But it was a big failure. This is the rhythm of Satish’s life. All the money earned was lost for school. This caused a huge financial crisis. She worked at a college in Patiala for a meager salary. The job and its earnings came to a standstill when the rib cage collapsed five years ago in an accident. Until two years ago, he received pensions from the university. Then they got it.

She was hospitalized for two and a half years. It was after this that Vivekananda of Ludhiana moved to the old age home. His wife, who is already divorced, is living with her son in the US. He lives in A.

With the financial assistance provided by the Punjab government, the last resort has remained so. But now the money is gone. In the meantime, with Lockdown coming on, life was really in crisis.

Satish Kaul said that if people have not forgotten me, they are ready to act again. There is still a passion for acting. Satheesh said that apart from the Mahabharata, she has also starred in the television series Vikram Aur Bethal, Pyaar To Hona Hai Tha, Anti Number One, Zanjeer and Ram Lakhan.

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