Scoop? Hengelo gym moves equipment to large tent and opens again


After weeks of discussions, Lucien Hoek of Club Life managed to obtain a permit from the safety region of Twente. Thanks to a huge tent, the gym can almost be opened again on Monday. “Last Tuesday, professional builders started setting up the 1800 square meter tent, this weekend all cardio fitness and strength equipment will move.

The tent is owned by a Zwols rental company and was still in Albergen during Carnival. “Actually I have to say canopy because during opening hours the sides have to be removed because of ventilation. If the gym is closed, the sides can be put back in.”


Hoek was able to make a neat deal with the tent builder whose trade has also collapsed. “We help each other, but of course it costs me a lot of money. We have to wait a lot more until September 1, so that was not an option.” Members have not been required to pay the membership fee in recent months. “I am most proud that the members can exercise again.”


It will be an exciting week for gyms. Will September 1 be maintained or will the corona measures be relaxed, as many gyms would like. Hoek did not want to wait for that and draws up his own plan. “If the rules are relaxed, I still think that only a handful of people are allowed to exercise at a time. That does not bother me. Thanks to the roof, we have enough space to allow one hundred and fifty people to exercise at the same time.”

The temporary gym has two entrances, one for group lessons and one for individual sports. Members are not allowed to use the changing rooms and toilets. They must disinfect the hands on entry and exit. “After use, we expect people to disinfect the equipment themselves. Between 11:00 and 13:00 people from the risk group can exercise.”


If the gym opens again on Monday, Club Life may have a first. “We are probably the first gym in the Netherlands to open fully again. There are gyms that put spinning bikes and pressure benches outside and back in at night, but the scale at which we are tackling is really special, partly thanks to a number of local entrepreneurs.”

Happy athletes

Last week, Hoek posted his plans on the gym’s Facebook page. “I have had such great reactions and everyone was positive and enthusiastic. It strengthened my belief that we made the right decision.”

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