Scientists warn of millions of insects hiding 17 years underground … photos and videos


A group of American scientists issued a warning about the emergence of insects that hid about 17 years underground, that would cause great damage to agricultural lands.

And the American Technical University of Virginia, in a statement published by the American “CNN” network, warned that people in some regions of America will witness a very strange and unique phenomenon represented by the emergence of huge numbers of cicadas that were hidden under the ground.

                    AFP 2020 / JUSTIN SULLIVAN

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According to experts, this phenomenon will spread to southwestern Virginia, parts of North Carolina, West Virginia and some regions of the world.

The university noted that the number of insects that will appear of this type is estimated at 1.5 million per acre, which may cause a big problem.

The university noted that cicada insects do not constitute any direct harm to humans, but they make strange loud noises, which may cause a great inconvenience.

“Societies and farms may face a huge problem with the emergence of large numbers of cicada and the noise that will accompany it,” said Eric Day, a entomologist at the Department of Entomology at Virginia Tech University.

Doug Pfeiffer, professor and counseling specialist in the Entomology Department of Virginia Tech University, said: “Cicadas can come in enormous numbers and farmers in expected areas of activity should be very careful.”

Cicadas are from the species of cicadas, have large wings, and issue a high squeak, appearing either annually or periodically. Scientists are still trying to reveal the secret of their emergence every 13 or 17 years, but experts expect that they do this to avoid the time cycles of the animals that feed on them. .

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