Scientists reveal how some eat greedily without gaining weight


Researchers from a British university revealed how some people eat greedily without gaining weight, even without following a diet or taking a specific drug.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” said that scientists from the University of British Columbia in Canada believe they have discovered a “thin gene” or “ALK”, which causes his absence to maintain weight even with eating large quantities of food, but only 1% of people are Those who enjoy this condition.

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Scientists reached these results after they studied the genetic profile of 47,102 people between the ages of 20 and 44 years living in Estonia since 2000, and found that about one percent lost what is called the “ALK” gene, these people are weak compared to other healthy adults. , Indicating that there may be a link between this gene and their weight.

Scientists have investigated these results by testing this theory on mice and flies, and found that stopping the work of the “ALK” gene allowed them to remain skinny even after feeding a diet rich in sugar and fat.

Professor Joseph Benninger of the University of British Columbia in Canada explained that stopping the gene from working could one day constitute a basis for treating obesity in humans, and Benninger explained that everyone knows someone who can eat whatever he likes without becoming fat.

The “ALK” protein has been the focus of attention of scientists for several years – and there are indeed drugs targeting it, because it is frequently mutated in a number of forms of cancer, and it has gained a reputation as nourishing the growth of tumors. The new discovery indicates that it plays a vital role in thinness.

One of the days, Peninger says, it may be possible to use a technique similar to the one currently used in cancer treatment to help people lose weight.

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