Scientists have calculated when the COVID-19 epidemic will end in different countries


COVID-19 PHOTO: Pixabay

Experts from the Singapore University of Technology have created a model with data from the COVID-19 pandemic to determine when it will end in the most affected countries, and found that this will happen in the fall, the author will not have a wave, the newspaper “Mail on Sunday” reported. “.

The model predicts the trajectory of virus spread over time. It also tracks the actual number of confirmed cases daily until May 12. Scientists predict that the infection will be cleared in the UK by September 30, in Italy by October 24, and in the United States, where deaths are highest, by November 11, BTA reports.

However, the infection in the United States and Brazil may last longer if there are no strict restrictions or no vaccine. However, experts warn that the prognosis is uncertain due to the complexity of the virus and other factors, such as restrictions, test protocols in individual countries.

According to experts from the World Health Organization, it could be four to five years before the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control. Factors that depend on this include the development of the virus, measures to control it in different countries and the development of a vaccine.

Britain’s Professor Adrian Hill warned today that the country’s sharp decline in the virus calls into question vaccine trials at Oxford University. It has already recruited 10,000 people, but less than 50 percent of them are expected to become infected. If only 20 percent give positive test results, the data will not be reliable.

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