Scientists from Singapore have calculated when the end of the K-19 pandemic will come


Scientists have predicted the end of the coronavirus pandemic around the world. This was reported by the New York Post, citing researchers from the University of Singapore in Technology and Design.

According to experts, the world can get rid of the disease by December this year. In the United States, the disease will be defeated by the end of September. The scientists used a mathematical model of the spread of the infection in which it was described the dynamics of susceptibility to disease, infected and recovered (SIR model).

Experts warn that their forecasts may be inaccurate, so no hasty decisions should be made to mitigate the quarantine measures that operate around the world.

“Excessive optimism, based on any predictions, is dangerous because it can weaken our discipline and self-control, leading to a sharp increase in the number of those infected,” the researchers said.

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