Scientists find the “key” to feeling pain in the brain


Scientists from Duke University of America have found a “key” to feeling pain in the brain, which by controlling it can control how much pain a person feels.

Innovating new technology that reduces pain

Previously, it was believed that the “tonsil” brain amygdala “CeAga” controlled negative emotions such as stress and anxiety, and now it was found that it was closely related to the feeling of pain.

Also, general anesthesia activates and activates the interaction of inhibitory neurons in the central region of this region.

Scientists conducted the experiment on laboratory rats, where they received a pain stimulus, and it was found that all signals were issued by the “CeAga” amygdala.

The authors of the scientific study found that a low dose of ketamine, which is used as an anesthetic, also activates the tonsil center, which prevents the feeling of pain, according to the “goroday” site.

Scientists believe that this study will help treat humans and animals.

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