Scientific study: Fatty foods are not harmful


Experts have proven that it is not necessary to completely get rid of fatty foods in the diet, as eating foods that are high in fat have a negative effect on health, but scientists advise against completely eliminating them.

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What are the risks of eating fatty foods and how to prevent them

American experts conducted a study on pregnant laboratory mice, as it was divided into two groups: the first was the inclusion of fatty foods 40% of the usual, or the second group according to the normal diet.

The researchers found that the health of the mice in the two groups were never affected. However, the researchers analyzed children’s health after a year and a half passed.

And it turned out that the rats whose mothers ate fatty foods performed better in cognitive tests and their brains were aging slower than mice from the second group, according to the site “glavufa”.

Scientists suggest that the benefits of high-fat foods for the brain are due to the production of a special protein.

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