Schumacher’s wife imposed a ban on a former Formula One driver


Former Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa has announced that he is fully aware of the condition of the legendary Michael Schumacher. The 39-year-old Brazilian admitted that the situation is not easy and always prays for his former Ferrari teammate.

“I know the condition of Michael Schumacher. I have complete information about what is happening. We had a very close relationship with him. Unfortunately, this is not the case with his wife Corina, as she did not come to competitions often. She forbade me to say exactly what was happening to him and did not want to disclose any information about Shumi at all. I can only tell you that the situation is very complicated. And very difficult for the whole family, “Massa explained to the Spanish newspaper Marca.

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“I pray for Schumacher every day and I hope he will be able to fully recover. I dream of seeing him on the track. Moreover, now his son Mick is competing. I would like Michael to enjoy his son’s performance and inspire him, “added the former Brazilian Formula 1 driver.

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