Scandal: Sakai admitted that he violated the rules against Bagata – Boini – MMA


Blagoy Ivanov’s opponent – Augusto Sakai – admitted that he had broken the rules in their battle, but the Brazilian was adamant that this was not decisive for the final outcome. The judges awarded the victory to the fighter from Coritiba by unanimous decision – 27-30, 29-28, 29-28.

In the third round of the equal match, Bagata was on the way to masterfully make his second takedown, but Sakai stayed behind the fence and avoided falling, which is a violation of the rules and even deserves to be deducted one point. Such a penalty would tip the scales in favor of the Bulgarian in the referee’s decision, but octagon referee Jason Herzog only verbally remarked to Sakai.

“I grabbed the fence without wanting to, it was instinctive and I would never do it consciously. But it didn’t matter because I won. I always wanted to knock out my opponents, but I knew he was very tough and I had to show respect. I think it’s crazy that one referee rated the match 30-27 for him, “said the Brazilian, who achieved his fourth consecutive victory in the UFC.

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