Saudi husband suspected of affair with Covid The teacher died of fire


Harippad: The wife of the teacher committed suicide by setting fire to her Saudi husband on suspicion of Kovid. The deceased is Prema Govind, 40, wife of Biju Kumar. The body was found near the home early Saturday morning. She was a teacher at Bethany Central School, Nangyarkulangara.
On Friday night at 9 o’clock, the children went to bed. Early in the morning, the father-in-law, Saudaaminiamma, saw the kitchen door open and saw the burnt body. There was kerosene in the vicinity. The children were still asleep.
The native was aware that Kovid had confirmed to Biju Kumar’s friend in Saudi. Prema was worried about her husband. This information was shared with colleagues. She was told to pray for her husband. Police said Prema had previously sought treatment for mental illness. The drug was intermittent. The police concluded that the suicide was probably due to concerns about her husband’s health, along with the subsequent mental difficulties. However, the suicide note found at her residence does not say that her husband was infected with Kovid. Instead he shares the sadness of not having his mental illness resolved. The CI said that the husband did not want to be liable for his illness. R. Fayes said.

The police’s Scientific Investigation Department went to the spot and examined it. Children: Gauri Shankar and Vaishnav Krishna. The funeral service will be held Sunday at 11 a.m. in the backyard. Bijukumar cannot be reached because he is quarantine in Saudi.

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