Saudi Health reveals important developments to besiege Corona through “blood serum”


Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Ali, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, revealed important new developments regarding the trapping of the emerging coronavirus, through “blood serum”.

During the daily press conference on the latest developments of “Covid-19”, Dr. Mohamed Al-Abd Al-Ali declared, “Observing the new corona virus through molecular polymerization,” noting that “the expansion is continuing in this step,” according to what was reported by the “urgent” newspaper.

Al-Aali talked about laboratory studies on blood serum to know the presence of antibodies and the immune ability that is formed, saying: “This is done … He has a program within the programs offered by the ministry, within the preventive, preventive and control packages to control the epidemic in the Kingdom.”

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Ministry of Health announced, today, Friday, the registration of 2,642 new cases of the new corona virus that causes “Covid-19” in the Kingdom, which brings the total number of cases to 67,719, while recovery cases reached 39003, and the total number of deaths from the virus reached 364 cases .

The ministry spokesman confirmed that 13 deaths and 2963 recoveries were recorded during the past 24 hours.

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