Saudi Grand Mufti urges householders to observe Prayer


Riyadh: Saudi Grand Mufti and Head of the High Scholar Sheikh Abdul Azeez Al-Shaikh said Saudi Arabia could perform a small feast in homes in the wake of Kovid. He explained that it is permissible to perform Eid al-Fitr prayers at home in exceptional circumstances such as Kovid.

The feast of Prayer should be performed in two houses. But this prayer does not require the Qutubah discourse. Fitr Zakat should be distributed before the feast day by trusted charitable societies. Grand Mufti urged parents to spend more time with their children and families and share the joy and happiness.

Sheikh Abdul Salam Abdullah Al-Sulaiman, a member of the eminent scholarship group, said that the feast is celebrated either individually or jointly. It is from noon to fifteen or thirty minutes before sunrise, the time for the Duhar Prayer begins.

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