saudi | Death toll rises to 13 in Saudi It is the first such death in Saudi Arabia in a single day


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Another 13 people died in Saudi on Friday due to coronavirus infection. Kovid is the first person to die in Saudi Arabia in a single day. The death toll has risen to 364. 2,642 new cases have been confirmed. Meanwhile, the five-day full-time curfew in Saudi began Friday evening.

There have been 67,719 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Saudi Arabia so far. Of these, 39,003 were cured. 2,963 people got sick on Friday. 28,352 were treated. Of these, 302 are in critical condition. Covid inspected 15,899 people on Friday. So far, 6,67,057 people have been examined, the ministry said. The Home Ministry has warned that those who violate the 24-hour curfew, which runs until Wednesday, will be severely dealt with. Violation of the curfew is a fine of RM10,000. If more than five are combined, each person will be fined R5,000. Everywhere in the country is under the security forces. Firms that were previously exempted from curfew can comply with pre-requisites. Restaurants can offer parcels from 6 am to 10 pm. For emergencies, passes can be obtained through the application. Releasing without a pass or opening a shop will be punished, the Home Ministry said.

The 210 IDPs in Saudi Arabia will be brought to India today. 30 – A delegation of Malayalees will be flown from Riyadh to Hyderabad at a special flight. They have been held by the Saudi security forces since January, due to lack of employment and accommodation.

Those who are staying in Riyadh and Dammam Tharheel (Deportation Center) are being taken to Hyderabad. About 150 departure from Riyadh, 60 from Dammam and 60 departure from Riyadh airport. Those who are in Dammam will travel to Riyadh. The Saudi government pays them for their travel expenses.

More than 400 Indians have been deported to Saudi Arabia .The international flights were canceled after the Kovid 19 route was canceled.

The rest will be repatriated in the coming days. The Indian Embassy has issued an out pass for those who do not have a passport. However, the authorities did not specify what kind of amenities Indian travelers would be able to get to Hyderabad.

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