Saudi companies will invest in Iraq’s largest gas field


Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Alawi, who is also acting oil minister, said his country had agreed to allow Saudi companies to invest in the western Akas gas field, Saudi news agency Al Arabia quoted Reuters as saying. BTA.

The Akas deposit, located in the western province of Anbar on the border with Syria, is the largest in Iraq.

The minister began a tour of the Gulf to try to prevent the danger of millions of officials not receiving salaries after the dizzying drop in crude oil prices, AFP reported.

Allawi met in Riyadh with Saudi finance, energy and foreign ministers, asking them for immediate financial support for Iraq so that the government can honor its commitments to its staff, the two countries’ state media reported.

Following Saudi Arabia, the Iraqi minister is scheduled to visit Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, where he will also seek financial assistance, a government official from Baghdad told AFP.

Shell withdrew his staff

Energy giant Royal Dutch Shell has withdrawn 60 foreign employees from the Iraqi Basra Gas Company as a security measure after protests erupted over delayed wages, Reuters reported.

The employees flew from Iraq on May 20 after workers protested in front of the company’s headquarters demanding payment of delayed wages.

Basra Gas is a joint venture between the state South Gas Company (South Gas Company), Shell and Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi).

Shell assured that the proceedings were not affected.

The evacuated employees will work remotely and the measure is not expected to affect Basra Gas’ activities in the short term.

What is happening in Iraq

The UN released a report Saturday (May 23rd) on the abduction of protesters in Iraq from October last year to the second half of March this year.

In their fourth report on the demonstrations in Iraq, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq reported 123 people who went missing between 1 October 2019 and 21 March 2020. The location of 98 of the they have been identified, but the remaining 25 remain absent or unknown.

Since the beginning of the demonstrations in October last year, the UN has registered the deaths of 490 activists, and 7,783 people are known to have been injured. Most of the demonstrators are young and unemployed and insist on respect for their economic and social rights.

Demonstrations continued after the appearance of Kovid-19 in Iraq.

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