Saudi believers in the mosque opening of mosques for prayer


The believers are in the process of reopening mosques in Riyadh after two months of worship. More than 90000 mosques have been opened for prayers in the country with strict restrictions and caution. The mosque in the Prophet’s mosque also started worshiping with subhi.

Prayers are held at a distance of two meters from each other and in alternate columns. Wearing a mask and performing vulgu (purity) from home, one should come to the mosque with his own muslullah. Strict restrictions must be followed when entering and exiting.


The Quran or other books of the mosque should not be used. Doors and windows should be kept open during prayer times. The church is only open 15 minutes before the wank and closes after 10 minutes. The official said that the worship should be performed only after taking proper instructions.

There is widespread awareness of social media and news media, including TV, to reach these people. Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world have begun to lift restrictions after weeks of lockdown.


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