Saudi Arabia’s full ban on Wednesday Widespread monitoring


Riyadh: A full-scale curfew to prevent people from going out and gathering in view of the festive holidays began at 5 pm on Friday. Interior Ministry spokesperson Colonel Talal Shalhub said the ban would be in effect throughout the country until Wednesday 27th of this month. All noses in the country will be banned.

There will be widespread scrutiny in settlements, places and other places to ensure compliance with the law. The villages and the interior will be monitored. There will be strong penalties against violators. All must strictly adhere to the health safety norms and guidelines set out to prevent the spread of COVID. A spokesperson for the ministry urged that no one should be disobeying the rules to keep the community apart and to avoid meetings.

Financial and commercial institutions previously exempted from the curfew would be permitted to comply with health precautions. Restaurants can operate from 6 am to 10 pm. But the food is not allowed inside the restaurant. Only parcels and food delivery through the Home Delivery app are allowed. Five or more people getting together is punishable. It will prevent it completely. The Ministry of Home Affairs issued a notification on the 14th of Ramadan on community outreach and avoiding convergence, a ministry spokesman said.

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