Samvrutha Sunil’s Husband Akhil Playing Piano | Actress Samvrutha Sunil’s husband is not helpless! The actress left the video showing her husband’s talent



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Samvrutha Sunil has come to Vellithira as Dileep’s heroine and is living happily with her husband and children. Though she had acted in several hit films, she was temporarily interrupted by marriage. But last year saw a strong comeback.

The actress is back in the US with her husband and two children. With the lockdown now, home features are being shared through the social media page. Now her husband Akhil has posted a video of him playing the piano.


He has always felt the ‘quarantine privilege’, that he should share the video of the piano playing. But never. Filming such a video with a child and a newborn baby was not easy. But it is finally done. The video was shared by Eid Mubarak.

Samvrutha Sunil with her children! We are safe! The star now has no time for anything else!

The marriage between Akhil Jayaraj and Samvritha hails from Kozhikode. After marriage, Samvrta settled down with US engineer Akhil. On February 21, 2015, a baby girl was born. The baby was named Agastya.


Recently, Samvrutha had a second baby boy. The actress had mentioned that her son was born on February 20. The younger son’s name is Rudra. These days Samvrka has left a lot of pictures of her children happily together. Fans have been waiting to hear every single detail of the actress.

Nazriya said many times that she was pregnant, where are those babies? After his marriage, Fahad stayed away

Samvrutha made her comeback last year with Biju Menon as the heroine. Samvrutha played the role of a housewife in the family entertainer ‘Trust the truth’. The film featured a strong female character.

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