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Samvruta’s husband is not a retailer; Watch this video – Samvritha Sunil shares husband Akhil’s piano playing video


It wasn’t easy filming this video for a five-year-old and a dustbin. But Samvrita’s post says that it is finally achieved

Samvrutha Sunil is enjoying life in the US with her husband and children. Occasionally pictures and excerpts are shared with the samvൃതdha fans through the social media. Samvrka shared a video of her husband Akhil playing the piano.

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“It has always been felt that he should share a video of himself playing the piano. But never. It was not easy to film such a video for a child and a newborn. But it is finally done. “Eid Mubarak,” shared the video.

Samvrutha got married to Akhil Jayaraj from Kozhikode in 2012. After her marriage, her husband, Akhil, was in a settled US. Her son Agastya was born on February 21, 2015. This year, the second baby is born. The daughter is named Rudra.

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The actress, who quit acting after her marriage, returned to the screen after a long time with the film ‘Believe it or not.’ Samvrutha returned as Biju Menon’s heroine.

“When I got married, I had no choice but to return to film. She knew she was going to live in the US. From there you know that you can’t make a movie. Then after marriage, I decided that I had to make a movie. My marriage was at a very busy time in my career. I wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of family life. It was my personal decision, ”Samvrta said in an interview with Indian Express Malayalam on her withdrawal from the film.
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