Samvritha Sunil shares husband Akhil s playing piano | Samvrutha Sunil’s husband is not a retailer! The star shared the video


Samvrutha Sunil is enjoying life in the US with her husband and children. Occasionally pictures and excerpts are shared with the samvൃതdha fans through the social media. Samvrka shared a video of her husband Akhil playing the piano.

“It has always been felt that he should share a video of himself playing the piano. But never. It was not easy to film such a video for a child and a newborn. But it is finally done. The video was shared by Eid Mubarak.

Samvrutha got married to Akhil Jayaraj from Kozhikode in 2012. After her marriage, her husband, Akhil, was in a settled US. Her son Agastya was born on February 21, 2015. This year, the second baby is born. The daughter is named Rudra.


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