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Samsung is starting construction of a new chip production line in Pyeongtaek in South Korea. The facility focuses on 5nm chips and upcoming smaller chip generations that are mainly intended for 5g, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence.

Construction on the site located 70 kilometers south of the Korean capital, Seoul, has started this month, and mass production of 5nm chips should begin in the second half of 2021. With this production, Samsung wants to respond to the increasing demand for economical chips that are made on a small process, with the manufacturer emphasizing 5g, hpc and artificial intelligence.

The fab uses euv machines, the successors of machines that work on the basis of immersion lithography for chip production. New generations of euv machines must also be used for 3nm production and smaller. Samsung has been using euv for its 7nm chip production since early 2019, and early this year the company added a 7nm euv production line to its fab in Hwaseong, Korea. In total, Samsung has seven production lines for chips: six using 12 “wafers and one making chips from 8” wafers. In particular, Samsung competes with TSMC for chip production.

Samsung Foundry in Pyeongtaek

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