Samsung sets up new production line for 5nm chips – Computer – News


Canon and Nikon cannot (now) compete with regard to EUV, but the market is (much) larger than that. At present, EUV is cost effective for the most critical precision layers, but chips consist of many layers, and not all of them need to be as accurate.
In addition, I believe that memory (both volatile and non-volatile) is not produced with EUV machines.
I think mainly because memory needs to be more economical and CPUs have a factor of consumption and performance and rather benefit from a smaller node.Canon and Nikon will probably compete on other issues. Think of costs, machine uptime, reliability, waferthroughput, fab fingerprint, etc. I don’t know exactly what Nikon and Canon will compete for, these are just a few examples. The choice to go for a machine from ASML, Canon or Nikon depends on several factors.

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