Sakai admitted that he had broken the rules against Bagata. The referee who cut him with a second blunder


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Blagoy Ivanov’s opponent – Augusto Sakai, admitted after the match that he had violated the rules of MMA. According to the Brazilian, however, this was not decisive for the final outcome.

In the second consecutive clash of the UFC heavyweight category, the judges gave the victory to the opponent of Bagata, but not unanimously, but with 2: 1 votes.

The result after the battle in Vegas was 27-30, 29-28, 29-28 in favor of Sakai.

In the third round of the equal match, Bagata was about to masterfully make his second takedown, but the Brazilian grabbed the fence and avoided falling to the ground.

The regulations count this took a violation and should be taken away from the perpetrator at one point.

Such a development would tip the scales in favor of the Bulgarian in the final judge’s decision. This was also noted by the UFC website.

However, octagon referee Jason Herzog only made a verbal remark to Sakai.

Because of the judge in question, Anthony Smith was taken to hospital by Glover Teixeira’s fists on May 15. According to everyone, he should have stopped the match in the second round. Smith got rid of a broken orbital bone in his eye, a few broken teeth and a broken nose.

The judge who convincingly gave the victory to Bagata is Michael Bell. He is a former fighter nicknamed the Black Samurai. Referee since 2013. For this, this is his ninth match in the UFC and another mixed martial arts circuit Bellator.

The two referees for Sakai’s victory are Junichiro Camiggio and Ron McCarthy.

The first is a kickboxing and MMA judge. He has been in the UFC since 2009. He is known for his reverse decisions.

McCarthy is the son of legend John McCarthy-Big John, one of the first referees in the UFC and a current Bellator presenter, three times named MMA Referee of the Year. Ron has been a judge since 2013.

“I grabbed the fence without wanting to, it was instinctive and I would never do it consciously. But it didn’t matter because I won.

I always want to knock out my opponents, but I knew he was very tough and I had to show respect. I think it’s crazy that one referee rated the match 30-27 for him “, Sakai commented on the situation in the 3rd round.

According to UFC boss Dana White, due to the lack of fans in the stands because of COVID-19, the chain will lose over 100 million dollars. In the crisis, only TV rights are gained, except for sponsors.

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