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The overarching security regions found it too busy in many places on Ascension Day. The bustle in inner cities and shopping centers in Limburg is described as the greatest challenge.
That says Hubert Bruls, the former mayor of Venlo. Bruls is now the mayor of Nijmegen and a spokesman on behalf of the umbrella security regions.
Biggest challenge
In a response to the NOS, he says that it was definitely busier on Thursday than the previous weekends and in some places too busy. Bruls sees the biggest challenge in the border region. “Especially in Limburg, in shopping centers and inner cities.”
By this he means the city center of Venlo and the Designer Outlet Center in Roermond. Although the mayor of Venlo and the management of the Outlet were not dissatisfied with the state of affairs on Ascension Day.
Much more restrictions
Bruls fears that the weather will only get busier in the coming weeks and months. “If this becomes the picture of summer, with people on holiday and these beautiful temperatures, then you have to impose much more restrictions on those days.”
Thursday was intervened in several places, on beaches, near puddles and in parks in Amsterdam and Groningen. As far as is known, intervention with measures such as fines and extra deposits was not necessary.

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