Sad news about the coronavirus from the UK


The number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the United Kingdom has reached 272,825 people, which is 2,445 people more than yesterday, world agencies reported.

The death toll from COVID-19 is 215 people higher than yesterday to a total of 38,376 people.
From 1 June in the United Kingdom, students will be returning to classrooms in the preparatory, first and last grades of primary schools. Street markets and car showrooms are resuming work.

Most non-food stores will be allowed to open on June 15. The students from the last high school classes, who will have exams soon, will also return to school then.

Exit from isolation in the country began on May 13, reminds BTA.

And in July, the third stage of easing the restrictions is planned. Then you will be able to open restaurants, pubs, hotels, hairdressers.

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