Saber Al-Raba’i lives with “a young woman”


The Tunisian star, Saber Al-Ribai, had a new baby from his wife, Mrs. Ikhlas, on Friday, and she was named “a young woman”.

And a young woman is the fifth of the four children, as he has three children from his current wife, they are: Amir, Wajood Hadi, and a young woman, and two sons from his former wife, Islam and Safa, according to Emirates News.

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Messi gives his third child (photo)

In another context, the Tunisian artist, Saber Al-Ribai, called on the Lebanese people to preserve their unity and not allow anyone who was to sow discord between him or abort his revolution.

The Quartet published a tweet on his official account on “Twitter”, in which he called on the Lebanese people to unite. “Oh the great people of Lebanon, you have the hope of me to preserve the unity of the class, and defend peacefully your legitimate demands for a decent life, defeat the corrupt and accelerate the formation of a government that only concern Lebanon and its people; And do not leave anyone to obtain from you and sow discord between you or abort your revolution, you are stronger with your unity for the sake of Lebanon, please. “

It is mentioned that the last works of the Tunisian star, his participation in the opera “You are stronger” with the major stars of the Arab world, which used all the profits of the work to be distributed to the families of the victims of the new Corona virus and for the benefit of medical equipment.

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