Ryan Gosling enters the fur of The Wolf Man for a new film


Ryan Gosling will star in “Wolfman” – the new project of the studio Universal, again dedicated to a popular monster from the company’s archives.

The project with Gosling comes after the success of the horror “The Invisible Man” with Elizabeth Moss, which turned out to be a surprising success for the studio.

Variety cites its sources, according to which in recent months Universal has met with directors in search of the person to lead the project. A decision on who will sit on the director’s chair is expected soon. Although there is no clear favorite, it is clear that among the possibilities is Corey Finley, who recently received good marks for his work on Bad Education with Hugh Jackman.

Although it is not clear what exactly the new version of “Wolf Man” will be, the action is expected to take place nowadays, and the film is in the spirit of the thriller Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal, but with a supernatural flavor. As the title suggests, in the center is a man who turns into a werewolf.

The suggestion for any story comes from Gosling himself, and the script is the work of Lauren Shuker Bloom and Rebecca Angelo, who worked on the series Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

The last Wolf Man film was the 2010 production of The Wolfman with Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. The action in this version takes place in the late nineteenth century. Actor Lawrence Talbot (del Toro) returns home after his brother is attacked by a wolf-like creature. Subsequently, the same thing happens to him, but with (un) expected development – Lawrence himself acquires inhuman abilities for recovery and sharpened senses. But this is not the end of his transformation.

The problem with this version was the script and the lack of scary moments that would be expected from such a horror. Fortunately, the new project will almost certainly have nothing to do with the del Toro film.

A few years after The Wolfman (2010), Universal decided to revive the monster movies they hold in a common film universe – similar to comics. However, the first film in this series – “The Mummy” with Tom Cruise, also turned out to be a disappointment. Thus, the plan for a shared universe was abandoned, and instead the studio set out to make smaller films in which different filmmakers could offer their vision of different monsters – such as the Wolf Man, the Frankenstein Monster, and so on.

After the success of “The Invisible”, which with a budget of only 7 million earned over 126 million worldwide, comes the news of the project with Ryan Gosling, whose recent filmography includes films such as “Blade Runner 2047” and “The First Man”.

Also expected are films about Frankenstein (directed by Aquaman director James One), the character in the novel Dracula Renfield (directed by Bohemian Rhapsody Dexter Fletcher), The Invisible Woman (directed by and starring Elizabeth Banks). as well as Frankenstein’s Bride and Dracula.

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