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Russian scientists have tested a vaccine against coronavirus

The staff of the Russian National Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology “Gamleya” has tested on themselves the vector vaccine against coronavirus. Scientists claim that after its introduction they have acquired immunity against “Kovid-19” and have not experienced any negative side effects. This was announced by the director of the institute, Academician Alexander Ginzburg. He pointed out that in this way scientists have protected themselves from the virus and will be able to work safely in a pandemic.

It is specified that this is a vaccine based on the DNA of the adenovirus, which incorporates a gene of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The adenovirus was used as a ‘container’ to deliver the coronavirus gene to cells. Thus, they synthesized the synthesis of the shell of “Kovid-19” and the immune system “meets” the potential enemy, explained the Institute of Microbiology. Vaccines of this type are called vector. Before testing it on themselves, Russian scientists tested it on experimental mice and guinea pigs. If the results are good, the vaccine is expected to be officially registered in the autumn.

Meanwhile, it became clear that the positive trend towards stabilization of the epidemiological situation in the country is maintained. For the seventh day in a row, fewer than 10,000 people in Russia have been infected with Kovid-19 per day. On Friday, 8,894 new cases were reported, 42.2% of which were asymptomatic. There are a record number of patients discharged from the hospital with coronavirus per day – 7144. There are 150 deaths. Thus, the total number of proven cases of “Kovid-19” in the country reached 326 448. A few days ago in many regions of the country began a mass population survey. presence of immunity against coronavirus. One of the large chains of laboratories reports that more than 40,000 blood tests have been performed in the last four days, with antibodies found in 14% of those tested. For the most part, those infected have the disease asymptomatically.

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