Russian scientists suggest using sea urchins for treatment after Covid 19


Using medications that are made on the basis of sea urchins and algae caviar as well as some immunostimulating plants can be an effective way to treat rehabilitation for people who have been infected with the Coronavirus.

The head of the biology laboratory of the Murmansk Institute of Marine Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Grigory Voskoboynikov told Sputnik that the use of kelp, echinacea and some other ingredients can become an effective way to increase immunity in patients who are infected with the Coruna virus.

The scientist indicated that similar drugs were developed about two years ago for cancer patients after chemotherapy.

The scientist explained that sea urchin caviar and some plants have the property of stimulating immunity, and kelp has the ability to remove heavy metals and radionuclides from the body that can remain after prolonged use of drugs.

In turn, the leading researcher at the Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Oleg Stepanian pointed out that instead of kelp obtained in the northern seas, it is possible to study the effectiveness of other types of large macrophages, for example, cysteose algae common in the Black Sea and Azov .

He explained, “It contains a slightly different group of sugars, and can be very effective with sea urchin caviar.”

Stepanian also added that to confirm these assumptions, comprehensive clinical studies in this area are required.

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