Russia has approved its first drug against Covid-19, going to hospitals on June 11


Russia’s first drug against Covrd-19, Avifavir, produced by the Russian Direct Investment Fund and the KhimRar Center for High Technology, has received approval from the Ministry of Health, Russian media reported. The information is published in the state register of medicines.

Deliveries to hospitals of the Russian drug “Avifavir” may begin on June 11, TASS reported.

The agency clarified that when taking the new drug, the treatment period of the participants in the clinical trials was reduced from 9 to 4 days. Already 18 thousand packages of the preparation have been produced, and in June over 60 thousand packages will be provided to the medical establishments.

At present, the technological capacities in Russia allow to produce 60 thousand packages of “Avifavir” per month, and 720 thousand per year.

The drug is the first Russian drug developed on the basis of “Favipiravir”, a drug that has been used in Japan since 2014 against severe forms of influenza. The efficacy of Avifavir exceeds 80 percent and it turns out to be safe, without new, unregistered side effects, the agency reminds.

The Russian drug against Kovid-19 may be admitted to hospitals on June 11
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The drug is strictly prohibited for use by pregnant women and during family planning. It will not be sold in pharmacies and can only be used in hospitals under the supervision of a doctor, the Russian Fund for Direct Investments said in a statement to Interfax.

Currently, more than 400,000 people have been infected with COVID-19 in Russia, and almost 4.7 thousand have died. More than 171,000 have recovered.

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