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In an exhibition on writing

Russia has erased us from the work of Cyril and Methodius

Bulgaria is not mentioned anywhere on the billboard in the center of Sofia

Russia has erased Bulgaria from the history of writing created by the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius – this became clear from the exhibition in front of the entrance of the Russian Cultural Information Center in Sofia, dedicated to May 24.

Manuscripts tracing the history of our writing are arranged on a dozen panels, without mentioning Bulgaria’s contribution to it. They are part of the collection of the Moscow State United Art Historical-Architectural and Natural-Landscape Museum-Reserve. To reinforce the impact, each information note describing a facsimile of the manuscripts begins with Moscow. For an even greater effect, reproductions of popular Russian icons have been added, so that there is no doubt where the Slavic script comes from.

Therefore, quite deliberately in the exhibition, presented under the title “The source of Slavic culture”, are

selected only Russian documents and artifacts

The holy brothers Cyril and Methodius are described as follows: “Saint Cyril, nicknamed the Philosopher (827-869) and his brother Methodius of Moravia – born in the Greek city of Thessaloniki, reformers of the Slavic alphabet, creators of the Church Slavonic language, first spreaders of literacy and education in Russia ”. The careful avoidance of Bulgaria as a major factor in the spread of the alphabet continues in the description of the Solovetsky Monastery, where, according to the photo, there were over 4,000 volumes in “ancient Russian, Greek and Latin.”

For years, Russia has pursued a purposeful policy in the appropriation of the Bulgarian alphabet. Our people say that

the Russians have erased all data in their historical museums

that Cyril and Methodius are the creators of the Bulgarian alphabet.

Several years ago, on May 24, during a meeting in Moscow with Macedonian President Georgi Ivanov, President Vladimir Putin said that the Slavic script had come to Russia from Macedonian lands.

“In Russia, we know that the Cyrillic alphabet comes from Byzantium,” said the chess player and member of the Russian Duma Anatoly Karpov some time ago in Bulgaria.

“Two great devotees of faith and science seem to have done an unbearable job: they created the Russian alphabet,” said Metropolitan Juvenal at the opening of celebrations in Kolomna, Russia, on May 24, celebrated as the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture.

One of the greatest culturologists, Dmitry Likhachev, said in his lifetime: “The flesh of the Bulgarian state was created by Asparuh, its spirit – Cyril and Methodius. And the foreign conquerors could not defeat this state of mind, because in the defense of the Bulgarian people the language, the writing, the literature stood in a tight line ”.

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