Rohit owes it to Dhoni and he is the only person behind your success: Gambhir


New Delhi: Former Indian captain MS Dhoni should be given credit for Rohit Sharma’s career, says Gautam Gambhir. Gambhir was speaking to Sports Talk on a live chat. Though Rohit joined the squad in 2007, he was in the middle. Rohit has been the Indian ODI opener since 2013. It later became an integral part of the team. Dhoni’s decision to open Rohit with Shikhar Dhawan in the Champions Trophy in the same year was a testament to Rohit and the Indian team’s subsequent performances.

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Gambhir spoke about this. “There is no doubt that Rohit owes much to Dhoni. Rohit’s rise is due to Dhoni. Rohit was promoted to the opener by skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. This is not to say that team management and selectors have no role. But Dhoni is the last word for everything. Dhoni would never give Rohit his support. Dhoni is responsible for where Rohit stands today.

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Rohit should always remember Dhoni’s support. She is now a senior on the team. What Rohit got from Dhoni, Rohit has to show the young players too. Rohit should support young players like Shubhman Gill and Sanju Samson. Rohit and Captain Virat Kohli need to take the initiative. Rohit is a clear example of how a player can be phenomenal if he has good support, ”Gambhir said.

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