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New Delhi: Indian captain Suresh Raina has said that the captaincy of Rohit Sharma and former Indian captain MS Dhoni have parallels in their captaincy. Raina says Rohit’s calm demeanor and encouraging teammates are like Dhoni.

“Rohit is sure to get a good score when he comes down to bat. This confidence will also give confidence to the players who come to bat afterwards. ‘ Raina added. Speaking on the sports screen YouTube page, Raina said:

“In the final between Pune and Mumbai in the IPL, Rohit saw two or three moves. Rohit’s decision would be great in times of stress. Rohit knows exactly what to do. Rohit is sure of the final decision, even if he accepts the suggestions of others. No wonder Rohit has achieved so many successes as captain. Raina clarifies.

Raina, meanwhile, points out that Dhoni looks a step ahead of anyone else and Dhoni understands everything from behind the stamp. God has given Dhoni the ability to understand the nature of pitch swing. That is why Dhoni is the best captain. Raina added.

content highlights: Rohits captaincy is very similar to Dhoni says Suresh Raina

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