Roger Waters, David Gilmore and the drama of who owns the rights to the Pink Floyd site


Years have passed since the breakup of Pink Floyd, but tensions between former colleagues in the group still remain high.

The last clash between the two came days ago when Roger Waters used social media to publicly attack David Gilmore, accusing him of not allowing him access to the group’s website and social media.

In a recorded video, the musician thanked the fans for the first time for positively accepting the new version of the song Mother, which he recorded in conditions of social isolation.

“This raises the question of why this video is not available on a site called Pink Floyd. Well, my answer is because none of my work is available on the site,” Waters said, explaining that it was Gilmore who banned him from accessing it. .

In the video, the band’s former bassist and founder explains that about a year ago he tried to arrange a meeting with Gilmore and Nick Mason to clarify things with each other and “bury the tomahawk.”

It happened at a hotel in London, where he made several suggestions to overcome the “terrible hopelessness and difficulties” in which they find themselves. According to him, however, the meeting turned out to be “fruitless”.

“I suggested this because each of the site’s 30 million followers is here because of the work that the five of us have created. And as a result, I think it would be fair and fair for all of us to have equal access to all of you and share our projects.” Waters explained, complaining that he thought Gilmore thought he owned the site.

“I think he thinks that after I left the band in 1985, he owns Pink Floyd, that he’s Pink Floyd himself, that I don’t have any rights and I just have to shut my mouth,” the musician said.

He added that at the same time, the gang’s social media kept talking about the project of Gilmore’s wife Polly Samson, who read aloud some of her novels on her live stream platform.

“That’s not right. We have to rise or just change the band’s name to Spinal Tap and then everything will go smoothly,” Waters explained. referring to Rob Rainer’s cult 1984 film.

So far, Gilmore has not commented on the topic.

In 2011, it seemed that the two had forgotten the bad feelings between them, and even at a Waters concert in London, Gilmore appeared on stage for an unforgettable performance of Comfortably Numb.

However, the members of the group continue with their solo projects, and now it seems that there is still tension between the members of one of the most cult groups in the history of music.

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