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A “temporary emergency law” is being introduced by the government, which gives RIVM access to “telephone data” of the Dutch. This should supposedly help to “understand” the spread of the coronavirus. ” What a farce.

The Telegraph message that the technocrats of RIVM and the cabinet will soon have their way: RIVM will have access to telephone data of us Dutch people. The official reason is that this should enable RIVM to gain more insight into the spread of the coronavirus:

According to the cabinet, this concerns anonymised transmission mast data that Dutch telephone providers offer. This allows RIVM to see per hour and per municipality how many mobile telephones are present there and from which municipality the owners of those telephones come. According to the cabinet, the data cannot be traced back to individuals.

Until now, RIVM has had to work with matters such as hospital admissions. But, the Institute says, that causes a delay of one to three weeks. That is different with telephone data. Then they can almost do it so to speak live see everyone! Great, isn’t it ?!

What happens here is of course perilous. And no, I’m not talking about the new Chinese coronavirus, but about the measures being taken; measures that will undoubtedly make the heart of an advocate of mass surveillance beat faster, but which should cause serious concern to normal people.

Or should we no longer write that down? Shouldn’t we all absolutely love that these kinds of emergency laws are put together?

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