Review your response to the pandemic


US to WHO: Review your response to the pandemic

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The United States called on the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday, May 22, to begin work immediately to identify the source of the new coronavirus, as well as to review the response to the pandemic, Reuters reported, quoted by “Focus”.

Admiral Brett Giroard, an assistant to the Ministry of Health, said in a written statement to the WHO executive board meeting today that “there is no time to waste on the reforms that are so necessary to make sure that such a pandemic does not happen again. again “.

The international community has approved a common plan to combat the SARS CoV-2 virus (the new coronavirus) and decided to discover its genesis: on the 73rd World …

According to him, an independent and comprehensive review of the WHO’s global response – which is expected after the adoption of a resolution on this during the annual World Health Assembly, should include “full and transparent identification of the source (of the pandemic), timeline of events and the decision-making process for the WHO response to the COVID-19 pandemic “.

Read all about the World Health Organization HERE.

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