Residents of Pak occupied Kashmir expelled from Pakistan for protesting against ISI


New Delhi: People have staged protests in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir against terrorists and ISI. The launch pad of the Leipa Valley in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir has been attacked by people. People have reportedly driven away terrorists from here. There were about twenty terrorists here. The ISI is doing all it can to terrorist organizations to set up terror camps in the region. According to reports, the intelligence unit of the Indian intelligence community has received the information.

There are many areas in Pakistan’s occupied Kashmir where terrorists’ launch pads are located. Lipa is similar to the launch pads that were struck by the Indian Army on September 29, 2016. The people here are against Pakistan-backed terrorism. People say that Pakistani troops are hiding their homes in order to attack Indian soldiers on the Line of Control.

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Combined with the Line of Control of Pak Occupied Kashmir
Many buildings have been made by Pakistani troops into the Corona Quarantine Centers for their troops. The people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir have also protested. Pakistani forces have been put on the defensive by people launching attacks against terrorist organizations and ISI and attacking the terrorists’ launch pad.

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