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The series with the virtual tickets of FC Levski is in full swing, but in general the campaign with the donations was mixed with the sale of these passes and at some point people will think that the fans have woken up. And this is far from the truth. The question is which fans woke up and how exactly.

Some bystanders will even make unrealistic calculations that when normal football returns to the public, the “Georgi Asparuhov” stadium will be sprayed on the seams. 22,000 tickets were sold for May 24, and the capacity of the stadium is 4,000 less.

The stands in the near future can not be filled permanently, if Nasko Sirakov will return and Murray Stoilov, and all sponsors to bid whose logo is on the front of the shirts of Levski. This will not happen even with the largest merger of factions and fan clubs. It has been proven over the years that people go to the stadium only, driven by the irresistible feeling that the team plays nice football. Of course, in the end, in such football, both the results and the trophies come. But to expect that the number of virtual tickets sold has anything to do with the awakening of the blue community is not right. It’s downright deceptive.

Levski fans almost raised money for the contribution to the National Revenue Agency for June

Levski fans almost raised money for the contribution to the National Revenue Agency for June

There are still BGN 29,000 left

22 thousand sold short paper with printed inscription “106 years of love” is great for inflating self-confidence and builds a sense of empathy and awakening, but a simple cross-section of the donation campaign shows that the active, ie awakened supporters, revolve around the number 5 -6 thousand. Or come on, let’s have a little more. Perhaps it would be more correct for every blue fan to buy exactly one virtual ticket, and how much he has prepared as a donation amount, to deposit it either in a bank or through one of the other platforms. And so see how many people would go to a match. But, on the other hand, there are those who would watch a real match against Vitosha (Bistritsa), but not to buy a virtual ticket for a non-existent match.

Some donors, such as Daniel Borimirov, bought a four-digit ticket for BGN 10 each, Hristo Krusharski bought it for BGN 1,060, and in total over 22,000 pieces of paper were sold. However, this does not correspond to the number of people who are ready to help the club. Not to mention that a large part of those who bought virtual tickets are from abroad, that is, this is not a potential audience of the blues.

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It is good for the future management of the club to make a good calculation about what is ahead of them as potential holders of season tickets. That’s where Nasko Sirakov and Pavel Kolev have to fight when they make calculations. If we look back 3-4 months, during all the campaigns – from the virtual 11 thousand tickets for the failed match with Ludogorets and then the donations through the various platforms, it can be seen that the unreserved supporters are the same 6-7 thousand people. And by no means more. And this is too low a level. The goal of Levski from now on is how to make these 6-7 thousand people become annual subscribers. Outside of them we have a number of 3-4 thousand spectators who would appear at the stadium only for the so-called cash matches. That is, more than 10-11 thousand people should not be expected at Gerena against Ludogorets, the Plovdiv teams and Beroe, given that Levski has a top team and is in the fight for the title and the cup.

The Grand Cup Finals between Levski and CSKA: Episode 2

The Grand Cup Finals between Levski and CSKA: Episode 2

In 1950, the two metropolitan giants again played three epic matches

With the absolute maximum of 6,500,000 subscribers, the Blues will get about BGN 1.3 million this fall. Apart from that, Gerena must find the right path to an adequate membership campaign. Membership in the club is a sign of empathy and does not give the right to enter the stadium, but brings the appropriate discounts when buying items from the store. This type of financial support is greatly underestimated by football clubs in Bulgaria. Levski must be very open to the fans and make many people want to buy membership cards. Until now, their price was 50 leva, but with an adequate campaign, including agitation by legends and famous Levski players from other sports, as well as people of art and other spheres of life, the value of membership can double. That is, whoever buys a subscription card, say for an average of BGN 200, can give another BGN 100 for a membership card. Here we do not address at all the problem of the ambiguity when in time it will be possible to hold matches with an audience at all.

It is time for Levski to throw resources for a large-scale sociological survey. The questions can be purely financial – how much money would you give for a subscription card, how much for membership, items and catering for each match at the stadium … Also – what do you like about the club as a job and structure, what do you want to improve at the stadium and in the approaches … And in general in Levski there are many details in the work with the audience, which have been more or less underestimated so far. Because it’s not fair to just call – donate, help, and at the same time say – but we’ve been out of touch with our fans for almost a year. The same supporters who save the club deserve a better approach and attention. The same fans, who after a weak match say – we will not step on them soon, now, angry at some move of the management, say – we will not give them a lev any time soon. The same fans, when they heard Nasko Sirakov, said – but he is friends with Grisha Ganchev. They are also ready to return to the stadium and forget who is friends with whom. But for this purpose the club must accept them not only as donors and saviors.

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“Now the rules are completely different and the requirements for defenders”

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