Reno confirmed negotiations with Alonso, but not a contract


Fernando Alonso; photo: Spas Genev

In an interview with Monte Carlo radio, Renault boss in Formula 1 Cyril Abitebul confirmed that negotiations are underway with Fernando Alonso, but not that a contract has already been signed. Reports of a deal have already surfaced in the French press last week. This happened just before the big board meeting, which discussed the entire company’s policy over the next few years.

“In fact, we have a lot of opportunities to replace Daniel Ricciardo after the end of the season,” said Abitebul

“In reality, many great pilots are entering the market, who will be free from next year, and we have different options ahead of us. Your question is about Fernando and he really is one of them, but there are others. All I can say is that we will take time to think. This is a very important decision. But we don’t want to get involved in any unnecessary activity like Ferrari and McLaren before the season starts for reasons that are theirs. ”

The Frenchman did not hide his satisfaction that he managed to convince the management of the concern to stay in Formula 1. However, he said that now the team will have to make much more efforts to succeed and defend its place. Because according to the expected new Concord agreements, participation will not be mandatory for the next 5 years, but will be determined year by year and so the board can stop the team much easier.

According to Abitebul, the choice of a pilot is important from many points of view, but it is not the only factor that determines success.

Candidates for Danny’s place, who move to McLaren, are also Valteri Botas, Nico Hulkenberg, as well as young hopefuls such as Guanyu Zhou.

Alonso is an exceptional driver and his return will be important both for the team with which he became a two-time champion and for the popularity of the competitions in general. It is no coincidence that Liberty has expressed readiness to take part of his salary. But the involvement of the Chinese Zhou can also be very important from a commercial point of view.

In any case, according to Abitebul, the technical team led by Marcin Budkowski and Pat Fry should create a better car for this and next year and even stronger for 2022 under the new rules.

“Honestly, it’s a little strange for me to make decisions for the pilots before the current season has started,” said Abitebul. “The choice of competitors is the last element of the puzzle and the creation of our construction. We believe that it is already well enough built and we need to see what the results will be. We have more than enough time to choose a pilot to make the right decision. ”

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