Relatively calm Ascension Day in Limburg



In contrast to the large crowds around the beaches, Ascension Day in Limburg went relatively quietly.

The crowds in the city center of Venlo and at the Designer Outlet Center (DOC) in Roermond were easily manageable on Ascension Day. The feared mass influx of German tourist tourists failed to materialize. In South Limburg it was remarkably quiet in the cities. Relatively many cyclists cycled through the Heuvelland, but that too remained manageable.


Mayor Antoine Scholten, chairman of the North Limburg Safety Region, is satisfied with the progress of Heavenly Day, which is normally a busy day. The media offensive in Germany has paid off, Scholten notes. On German TV, in newspapers and on the internet, calls were made not to come unless necessary.

The measures with walking directions, pawns and distribution of visitor flows by closing a parking garage in the center have worked, says Scholten. Scholten warns against crowds next Sunday, when the shops in Germany are closed and the temperature has dropped again.

The limit of 3,000 visitors at the DOC in Roermond was suddenly reached in the afternoon. This created rows of resigned buyers who had to wait their turn to be let in. On and around the Maasplassen in Roermond it was busy with water sports enthusiasts and people who recreated on the banks.

In Maastricht, however, it was remarkably quiet in the city, says spokesman Leon Eummelen of the South Limburg Safety Region. It also remained quiet in the other cities and the parking lot of the Woonboulevard in Heerlen was barely half filled. There have been no problems, says Eummelen.

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