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148 killed in India within 24 hours With this the total death toll was 3,583. There is a record increase in the number of patients. There were 6,088 newly diagnosed cases. The total number of patients in the country is 1.187 lakh, the ministry said. Covidit sales in the country are still on the rise despite a fourth phase lockdown.

There are 66,330 active cases in the country. 48,534 who were cured. 5611 patients were diagnosed on Tuesday and 5609 on Wednesday. 70% of cases are in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Delhi and Rajasthan. Nearly 5,000 people were diagnosed with the disease yesterday, according to the state’s statistics. 40.2% were cured. Only 2.9% of patients in the treatment group were in the intensive care unit.

Kovid confirmed 41,642 people in Maharashtra. The death toll was 1454. The number of people infected with the virus in Tamil Nadu has reached 14,000. 12,910 people infected in Gujarat Nearly 10,000 cases have been registered in Ahmedabad. Death toll rises to 773 New Delhi: More than 571 new cases have been reported so far this year. 212 cases were reported in Rajasthan, 242 in Madhya Pradesh and 340 in UP. Two-month-old baby dies from Kovid in Punjab

English Summary: 6,088 Coronavirus Cases In 24 Hours, Biggest Single-Day Spike In India

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