‘Real nation-builders’; Rahul listens to guest complaints Video released by Con Gross


New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has released a video of himself talking to guest workers. Rahul Gandhi has released the full version of the video of Rahul Gandhi talking to his guest workers walking to the village. Rahul Gandhi is talking to migrant workers who had walked from Ambala to Jhansi a week ago at Sukhdev Vihar in Delhi. The video is 17 minutes and 15 seconds long.

Rahul Gandhi spent almost an hour with the workers. What a crisis it is. Workers shared everything with Rahul Gandhi about why he was fleeing workplaces, his decision to walk away and his concerns about the future. They then traveled in vehicles prepared by the Congress party. The workers questioned what they would do if the country were to shut down one day. Employees said there was no other option but to go home when they lost their jobs and had no money or savings.

One of the workers, Mahesh Kumar, told the media that Rahul Gandhi had come to him and was looking for details. Rahul Ji asked us, ‘Are our difficulties?’ We were told we would die of starvation. There is no work anywhere. He was told that this was the case for the last 50 days. I am grateful to Rahul Gandhi who investigated our problems. He promised to help as much as he could. – Mahesh Kumar told the media. Rahul Gandhi met with workers on May 16. The pictures of the guest workers sitting together were viral.

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